The original, patented Scalewatcher™ THE ELECTRONIC WATER CONDITIONER.


Scalewatcher™ is the original manufacture of electronic, descaling technology used throughout Europe, Asia, and South Africa with assembly facilities in the Netherlands, S.E. Asia and now in the U S. First introduced in Europe in 1989, following the award of two patents for it's development. Scalewatcher™ offers an impressive list of benefits particularly to Home, Businesses and Manufactures of all types. To date  Scalewatcher™  has enjoyed success Worldwide and new applications are being discovered almost daily.

Already several notable Domestic Firms have invested in Scalewatcher™  units including  Georgia Pacific, Smith Klin Beecham, Starbucks, Goodyear, Nestle, Frito-Lay Inc. , Quaker Oats, Hewlett Packard, Luke Air Force Base, Ford Motor Co. , John Deere, Holiday Inns, and DuPont, to name a few. The initial response has paved the way for ever-growing demand for the benefits Scalewatcher™ offers.

A compact, computerized, electronic water conditioner, which will descale your existing system, prevent new scale from forming and Saves You Money From The Moment It Is Installed.

ScalewatcherA highly innovative technology,  brought to your home as a small simple devise. That conserves energy, increases hot water flow and uses no salts or chemicals. It is easily installed, improves efficiency and requires no maintenance.

We started as the Pioneering Market Leaders in electronic water conditioning for home and industry back in 1988.  We hold the  only Patents of this TECHNOLOGY.

US Patent No 5,074,998 / Canadian patent No 1337060


Scalewatcher™  is a unique, patented, electronic descaler which uses modem integrated circuitry and signal processing techniques. By sending out modulated frequencies, it precipitates dissolved calcium ions into insoluble calcium salts, which move in a suspended form in water-- hence, proving the effects of soft water This action stops any further scale build-up and causes scale already in your water system to dissolve. Designed as a small unit Scalewatcher™  is comparatively inexpensive and easily installed.


•  No more scale clogged water pipes.

•  An end to inefficient scale-lined water heaters.

•  Improves water heater efficiency,  SAVES ENERGY !!!

•  Extends the life of water Heaters,  SAVES MONEY  !!!

•  An end to scale debilitated appliances and fixtures.

•  Improves efficiency on all water feed appliances.

•  Extends life of appliances.

•  Reduces detergent consumption by 30%.  SAVES MONEY  !!!   

•  Requires no plumbing.  (in most cases )

•  Expected life of   OVER 20 YEARS.


•  Energy savings of 15% to 30% in hard water scale areas.    

•  Typical unit uses $10.00 of electricity per Year.  SAVES MONEY !!!

After the installation of   Scalewatcher™  Here are some things to look look for.

•  The softening of scale around faucets.

•  Scale flaking away from the kettle and shower head.

•  Water often feels softer.

•  Water feels hotter.

•  The ability to reduce the amount of soap, shampoo, detergents and cleaners.

•  Clothes retain there color and softness.

 •  Easier cleaning of surfaces, especially bathtubs, showers and sinks.


•  No additives (salt, chemicals etc...).

•  No maintenance.

•  Suitable to varying water flow.

•  Minerals beneficial to your health are not removed from water.

•  You will notice a big difference on your skin, hair, and clothes.

•  Makes home cleaning of tubs, showers, sinks, and bowls easier 

 Scalewatcher™  Guaranteed to work

If  Scalewatcher™ sounds to good to be true, here's your Guarantee that it isn't. Scalewatcher™  is a tried and tested electronic descaler that we Guarantee will eliminate hard water problems and remove existing limescale or your money back.

For Product Information, Warranties, and company history visit their website @


 Residential units carry up to  a Ten Year Warranty on Materials and Workmanship.

All Commercial and Industrial units carry a Unconditional Five Year Warranty.


If you are not satisfied after using Scalewatcher™ for six months but no longer than twelve months of continuous operation your retailer will refund the purchase price (less handling charge), providing it is returned undamaged.

What dose the   Scalewatcher™  System do that a Water Softener Dose Not? 

1. It removes scale build-up in hot water heaters.

2. Saves money by not requiring the purchase or use of salt.

3. Provides SALT FREE water a concern for most health- conscience people.

 4. Provides Environmentally clean water, while eliminating the discharge of salt-laden water into the water table as a result of the periodic regeneration cycle of conventional water softeners.

5. Reduces the consumption of detergents.

6. The commercial models provide big enough savings for commercial users. Apartment buildings and other commercial and industrial users experience savings in energy costs, shower head replacement and equipment replacement.

What dose a water softener do that a Scalewatcher™ System Dose Not?

1. The Water Softener softens HARD WATER by replacing calcium and magnesium with sodium.

2. The Water Softener adds salt in your water and drains damaging chlorides into the environment.

3. The Water Softener requires that you purchase salt periodically.

4. The softener gives you a silky feeling that you cannot get rid of soap from your body.

5. The Water Softener makes your skin dry.

6. The Water Softener requires that you waste water for regeneration.

Warning : Beware of knock off versions of Jon de Baat Doelmans Scalewatcher® . There are "copycat" units which do not preform the same, whereas they cannot use Scalewatcher® Technology. Stick with the original time tested Scalewatcher®, trusted by over a million satisfied customers Worldwide and growing. When in doubt, insist on there patent numbers and make sure they haven't given you ours.

US patent No 5,074,998 /  Canadian patent No 1337060

For More Information on Scalewatcher™ Products, Warranties, and Specification visit there website.

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