If you own Manufactured Housing, or know someone who does, than you are familiar with the devastating consequences associated with pipe freezing due to Extreme Subzero Wind Chills. We have been battling and overcoming these problems along with you for decades 

 UNIQUE CONCEPTS and DESIGN  has been offering and installing only one product.     EASY  HEAT®  

Starting in PIPE FREEZE solutions back in 1951, EASY HEAT®  are the pioneers and leaders in  SAFE , RELIABLE , HIGH PREFORMANCE , and  SUPERIOR TEMPERATURE MAINTAINANCE PRODUCTS,  Indisputably second to none.

FOR SUPPLY LINES  EASY HEAT® FREEZE FREE  Designed especially for free flowing water lines, it's self regulating cable is custom made on site including a fused plug end, and installed to strict manufactures specifications, This system, installed with an  EASY HEAT®  thermostat, will give you all the protection you need, only when needed. The installed thermostat allows your system to turn on at 38°and turn off at 50°, saving you money in electric, as well as extending the life of the system.

FOR DRAIN AND WASTELINES  EASY HEAT®  PSR  cable is our choice. When installed to manufacturer's specifications and with the correct insulation, it has over the years, provided a safe and reliable solution to these types of  PIPE FREEZE.  For more information on these and other products visit their website.  @ www.easyheat.com

 Use caution when installing a heat tape system.  • Never  use extension cords.  • Always replace when system is exposed to water or high moisture content.  • Inspect yearly.  • Always connect to GFC"I  rated outlet.

EASY HEAT®  is a Brand of EGS Electrical Group

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